Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Taylor interviews Smith

Stephen Taylor interviewed Danielle Smith on property rights last week. The interview highlights problems with Canada's approach to property, and makes a few suggestions for how we should deal with property. Visit his post here, and then follow the instructions to download and listen to the podcast interview yourself.

Stephen Taylor runs a classy blog over on, and helped found Blogging Tories dot ca. Danielle, meanwhile, runs her own radio show--called, appropriately enough, Standing Ground. The radio show complements her work with the Alberta Property Rights Initiative, which she also runs. You can download and listen to Danielle's show weekly.

Both Stephen Taylor and Danielle Smith will have a chance to continue their conversation at this year's Liberty Summer Seminar. They are both confirmed speakers for the July 29, 30th event in Orono, Ontario. Visit our website if you want to meet both, and have your own conversation. If you bring a recorder, you can host your own podcast interview! Fun? Yes.


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