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LSS News: Danielle and John

Here's the email I just sent out about the Seminar:
"I deeply believe that Canadians need the vision of those dedicated to
the principle of individual freedom. I invite everyone to attend
and to support the Liberty Summer Seminar."

- Dr. Jacques Chaoulli

Hello everyone -

That's a nice quote from Dr. Jacques Chaoulli, the famous doctor who challenged Canada's health care system all the way to the Supreme Court--and won! And he speaks from experience. Dr. Chaoulli was a speaker at the 2004 Liberty Summer Seminar.

The Liberty Summer Seminar, held this year on the July 29, 30 weekend in Orono, Ontario, seeks to bring together Canada's best pro-liberty speakers with a bright and energetic audience. Hosted on a beautiful 40-acre property with a swimming pond, horseshoes, walking trails, and acres of forest, the Liberty Summer Seminar is now in its sixth year.

While the 2004 LSS focused on health care freedom, this year's theme is private property. And who better to speak at the Seminar than two prominent defenders of private property rights? The Campaign Director of the Alberta Property Rights Initiative (APRI), and the Executive Director of the Canadian Constitution Foundation (CCF)?

That's right, both Danielle Smith and John Carpay will be speaking at this year's Liberty Summer Seminar!

Apart from her work with the APRI, Danielle Smith is the host of Standing Ground and Health Frontiers, two radio shows that can be heard on CKMX 1060 AM in Calgary. Standing Ground is a talk show dedicated to promoting and discussing property issues in Canada (you can listen online, or download past shows on the APRI website). Meanwhile, she writes a weekly column for the Calgary Herald that appears every Tuesday.

For three years (2002 to 2005), she was the host of Canada's number one current affairs television talk show, Global Sunday. Prior to entering the media, Danielle served as the Director of the Calgary-based Canadian Property Rights Research Institute, tried her hand at elected office as a trustee for the Calgary Board of Education and was a researcher at the Fraser Institute.

When you consider everything she has been up to, it is no surprise that Calgary Inc. Magazine named her as one of the Top 40 under 40 in 2004.

You also won't be surprised to learn that John Carpay was chosen by Alberta Venture Magazine as one of Alberta's 50 most influential people, and described as Alberta's unofficial leader of the opposition by the Edmonton Sun. Why won't you be surprised? Read this:

Apart from being the first Executive Director of the Canadian Constitution Foundation, John is a lawyer, columnist, and is an advocate for individual freedom and limited government. Like all "through-and-through" Canadians, he is, uhm, trilingual. Fluent, that is, in English, French, and Dutch.

John has served as Special Assitant to a federal cabinet minister and was an Executive Assistant to an M.P. After receiving his law degree from the University of Calgary, he practiced civil litigation in Calgary.

He was the Alberta Director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation from 2001 to 2005. He wrote a regular column, Let's Talk Taxes, which was published in more than 40 papers across Alberta, with frequent guest columns in the National Post, Calgary Herald, and Calgary Sun newspapers.

We've announced Danielle Smith, John Carpay, and Michael Walker as speakers. That's just the tip of the iceberg! In the next few weeks, we will roll out the entire line-up, including our musical act. If you haven't registered for the Seminar yet, do so now. If you can help us put scholarship money together for students, let us know.

Meanwhile, if you have questions, suggestions, or comments, you can hit "reply" and send me an email. And if you have a blog, please consider helping us advertise by posting a button for the Seminar. People like Janet who blogs at Liberty is Good, Paul who runs Blue Blogging Soapbox, Liam with the Responsible Government League, Ian who likes to ruminate by the lake, and Peter, a fellow philosopher who runs afoul of Dinner Table Donts, have posted about this year's Seminar (thanks to all of you!) Consider doing the same, and letting us know so we can post it in the next LSS News.


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