Friday, June 30, 2006

LSS News: Lindy

Hello everyone -

There's a reason people have dubbed the Liberty Summer Seminar "LibertyStock." It isn't just because the event is hosted outdoors, with people pitching tents and having conversations around a campfire (although this is a good reason to call it that too). It's because of the Saturday night concert.

For the past three years, we have booked a musical act to accompany all of the speeches and other activities at the annual event. (Which, as you are probably by now aware, will be held on the July 29, 30 weekend in Orono, Ontario. It is hosted on a beautiful 40-acre property with a swimming pond, horseshoes, walking trails, and acres of forest. This year marks our sixth year.)

Last year we featured DJ Dad and MC Mom, an Iowa three piece.

This year we are once again thrilled to be hosting none other than Lindy (click here for his Orange Record Label website, and follow this link to get to his MySpace site). Lindy was featured on our stage two years ago. Back then, we gave him a few Bureaucrash t-shirts to wear at concerts and anywhere else he'd like. He liked the shirts so much, he wore one for a Major Maker video (that's a separate musical project he's working on). You can see that video and the shirt (which reads "Capitalism Heals" on the front, and "Socialism Kills" on the back) by following this link.

Lindy started singing on stage at the age of four, with folk-singer parents who took him on tour with them across Canada in a yellow school bus. Back then, Lindy was singing Icelandic folk songs with his family. Maybe he was 3 or 4 feet tall then, now he's grown to a towering 6'7"! It's amazing that a man that tall would compose such beautiful music.

But don't take my word for it, here's a review of his newest album, "Suspension of Disbelief":
"Lindy's latest album, "The Suspension of Disbelief" is a complete work - a rare thing in a world where a "good" CD requires only three or four decent songs. Each track on the album was as carefully worked as a chapter in a book, and all are as essential in forming the whole. Perhaps the most defining quality in Lindy's music is its beauty in simplicity."
Here, meanwhile, is NOW magazine's review:
"Let us first distinguish between Lindy the man and Lindy the musician. The one is a gleeful oversized gnome with a penchant for random streetside hugging; the second, judging from his beautifully melancholic new disc, is a fragile fellow inspired by the brutal twinges of unrequited love and fragmented relationships. Suspension Of Disbelief is a set of epic Britrock-inflected ballads and tremulous bits of indie pop, overflowing with Lindy's unabashed sincerity and lush production. It's less folksy and grassroots than you might expect, and the radio-friendly vibe sometimes veers into bombastic U2 territory. But the bouncy singer's melodies are freakin' gorgeous, and his voice often recalls Creep-era Thom Yorke (particularly on the head-nodding Beautifully Undone), which is well suited to Suspension's navel-gazing turf."
You can come see for yourself why his "Beautifully Undone" (which you can listen to on the myspace website) made regular rotation on 104.5 CHUM-FM.

If you haven't registered for the Seminar yet, do so now (it's easy). Be quick about it, the early-bird registration fee will expire by July 1st (that's tomorrow!).

Meanwhile, if you have questions, suggestions, or comments, you can hit "reply" and send me an email. If you have friends who you think might be interested in attending or knowing about this Seminar, please forward this email to them and let them know you plan on coming.


Liberty Summer Seminar Committee.


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