Thursday, June 29, 2006

Nicholls blogs the Seminar

Gerry Nicholls, executive vice-president of the National Citizens Coaltion, blogs about the Seminar today. He was a speaker at last year's Seminar, talking about the gag law and how it stomps all over our freedom of speech. You can check out his blog and read for yourself.

Here's an excerpt:
"...the seminars take place in the wilderness. Well not really. Actually they are held on a beautiful 40-acre farmland property near Orono, Ontario, a property that includes a swimming pond, walking trails and tons and tons of trees.

And if you’re not a fan of trees don’t worry ---the real attraction isn’t the bucolic splendor; it’s the fact that Peter brings together prominent libertarian/conservative speakers with an energetic, enthusiastic audience.

The result: everybody has a great time."

That's right! Register for the Seminar, and join us.


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