Wednesday, July 19, 2006

LSS News: Two Publishers!

Hello everyone (feel free to forward this message widely) -

In our effort to bring you the best pro-liberty speakers in Canada, we are thrilled to announce two pubishers who will be speaking at this year's event: Ezra Levant and Stephen Taylor!

The Liberty Summer Seminar will be held on the July 29, 30 weekend in Orono, Ontario. It is hosted on a beautiful 40-acre property with a swimming pond, horseshoes, walking trails, and acres of forest. This year marks our sixth year.

Ezra is the publisher of the Western Standard newsmagazine, and author of Fight Kyoto and the recently released War on Fun. (Follow the link to order your copy).

Here's an excerpt of a review of the War on Fun on Quebecois Libre:

"The best book published in Canada lately... is my friend Ezra Levant's The War on Fun. In it, Ezra clearly shows how big health lobbies, politicians, do-gooders, busybodies and lawyers are attacking personal liberties, destroying the long Canadian tradition of freedom, turning rational grown-up adults into children, wanting to replace parental responsibility by bureaucratic programs and creating a victimhood mentality. As far as do-gooders are concerned, people (i.e., you and me) don't know what's best for them and must rely on bureaucrats and politicians to tell them what to do."

No stranger to controversy, the Western Standard's decision to publish the infamous Dutch cartoons depicting Muhammad sparked a long and still-current discussion in Canada about freedom of speech and possible limits on the right of publishers to publish what they'd like. Ezra will venture into these waters and explain the decision to publish, as well as why it was the right one, in his talk entitled "Publish and be damned: The Inside story of the Cartoon Kerfuffle."

Liberty Summer Seminar attendees will be familiar with Ezra, since he's attended the last two years in a row, and written glowingly about the Seminar here.

Stephen Taylor, meanwhile, is a graduate student in biochemistry (yes, biochemistry) at Queen's University, and a regular commentator on Canada's political scene. A thorough libertarian, Stephen is as convinced of the need for greater liberty in Canada as, well, us (the committee) are!

Stephen is "publisher" of the Blogging Tories aggregator, and his own popular blog, stephentaylor dot ca. The Blogging Tories is Canada's number one blog aggregator, with over 50,000 hits per day! That's a lot of hits. Meanwhile, his own personal blog was named the 3rd best political blog in Canada by the Hill Times (behind Warren Kinsella and Paul Wells). That's a lot of praise!

It is appropriate, then, that Stephen will talk about "Blogging for Liberty" at this year's Seminar.

If you haven't registered for the Seminar yet, do so now (it's easy).

If you're not a fan of camping, no problem! There are two motels within a ten minute drive of the property, and a number of bed and breakfasts that we'll happily point you to.

P.S. Maybe you saw our banner on the Western Standard website, or the Blogging Tories website, or, as of today, on! Maybe you read about the Seminar on, or came across Jason Cherniak's blog where he mentioned his attendance at the Seminar? Want to join them? Want to help us advertise? Have a blog, a website, some on-line presence where you can advertise the Liberty Summer Seminar? Good: Hit "reply" and send us a message about it. We'll happily provide you with a banner, and you will get into our good books (that is, we'll love you forever).

Meanwhile, if you have questions, suggestions, or comments, you can hit "reply" and send me an email. If you have friends who you think might be interested in attending or knowing about this Seminar, please forward this email to them and let them know you plan on coming.


Liberty Summer Seminar Committee.


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