Sunday, July 09, 2006

Update on Indigo

Apparently, the censoring of Free Inquiry was a mistake. How odd.

Here's the Globe:

According to Mr. Flynn, the Indigo executive "gave me a sort of a stammering apology, said that the June-July issue was blocked by accident, and that they have contacted [Ajax, Ont.-based Disticor Magazine Distribution Services] to send it through again."

Earlier in the week, Mr. Flynn sent a letter to Indigo founder and CEO Heather Reisman saying he had learned from Disticor that Ms. Reisman's company had declined to stock the June-July Free Inquiry without giving a reason, and that future issues would be "inspected in advance on an issue-by-issue basis to determine [their] suitability" for Indigo and its Chapters, Coles and SmithBooks subsidiaries.

Calls by The Globe and Mail to four Indigo executives, including Mr. Silver, were not returned yesterday.
How strange that they should ban it, say it was a mistake, and give no reason for either move! Neither do we know what reason they may have had for stopping it, nor do we know why the mistake happened. I guess it could have been just "one of those things" (where someone presses a button somewhere on accident, or makes a phone call to a distributor, tells them they don't want the magazine anymore, and then realizes that they shouldn't have done any of that much later).


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