Friday, November 25, 2005

Go Tasha!

You can listen to Tasha Kheiriddin on CBC Radio's Sunday Edition right here (Real Player). You can follow Adam's and Tasha's media appearances on their website.

Tasha is the co-author, with Adam Daifallah, of Rescuing Canada's Right, a book that seeks to outline a long-term direction and vision for conservatives in Canada. They argue that we need to build a new infrastructure, one that includes a love of liberty through various grassroots organizations (like the Liberty Summer Seminar). You can hear her talk about this issue at the most recent LSS here.

Tasha won't mince words--she says that both of Canada's major parties share a particular problem. Namely: Statism. She gives the Chaoulli decision as a case-in-point. When the decision came down, instead of seeing this as an opportunity, Peter MacKay stood up in the House and accused the Liberals of under-funding health care.

Her insights on environmentalism and fiscal policy are spot on. Instead of bureaucracies, we should look to property rights as a possible solution for the environment. Instead of taking more from Canadians, the government should leave more in our pockets.

Take a listen. She appears with Senator Hugh Segal, and the discussion is exciting.


Blogger Michael Cust said...

Tasha said the Tories and the Liberals share one ideology -- "statism" -- on CBC Radio. Way to go!

3:40 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't waste your time.

The book is full of childish rhetoric and little information. Many references in each chapter, most are un-credible sources of opinion. Well, OK there is a good review of the PC and C parties -- Part One. About 23 pages that is a good read; little enough that you could give it a quick read on the shelf.

12:08 a.m.  

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