Friday, November 18, 2005

Me: Wealthier than Bill Gates

I know I said Nigeria. You can verify by scrolling down to an earlier post. Still, this is awfully close to Nigeria, and I'm just about certain that an email from Nigeria is coming.

Here's my most latest offer:

Mrs. Marie Eyadema Fri, Nov 18, 2005 at 2:39 PM
To: peterjaworski-at-gmail-dot-com
My name is Marie Eyadema the wife of the former president of Togo that just died few months ago. My husband had 3 of us as wives but I was his favorite. Since his death I have been persecuted by the other wives because I was very close to my husband when he was alive. Before the death of my husband he entrusted to me and my children the sum of $21,000,000.00(twenty-one million dollars) because he knew we would not have access to the family wealth because of the problem which the other wives and their children have be causing. Now his son by the eldest wife has now assumed office as the president of Togo which has endangered my life and that of my children. I have been able to leave the
shores of Togo and now I am in Ghana a neighboring country with my remaining son because I sent my first son to Europe few months ago because of the crisis. But before leaving my country I was able to move out the money ($21,000,000.00) that my husband gave us before his death. The funds have been deposited in a secured establishment. Please I need your help in investing this money in a good business I would want you to help us because I know you are capable to help us. I and my son are willing to leave Africa because it is not safe for us as a result of the enemies we have within and outside the family.

Please, send us a reply to ( with your intention to help so as to tell you how the funds can be moved from the company for investment. I'll be very grateful if this letter is said to be considered. My son in Europe has access to this email too, he will be very happy to know you have considered helping us.

God bless you as we look forward to your response.

Best Regards,

Marie Eyadema


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