Monday, October 30, 2006

The Freetarian, a.k.a. Sean "Val Venis" Morley

My buddy, Sean Morley, has a new blog up-and-running. It's called the Freetarian. You can also check out his YouTube site here.

I met Morley a couple of years ago when he lived in Canada. He and I were both members of the Ontario Libertarian Party, and I was busy working for my campus newspaper, the Queen's University Journal. At the time, Features editor Erik Missio had a big thing for the World Wrestling Federation (now World Wrestling Entertainment). Sean Morley was (and is) "Val Venis" of the WWE.

We got in touch through the Party, and I interviewed him about politics for The Journal. He turned out to be an awesome guy. Real down-to-earth, intelligent, and funny.

We kept bumping into one another here and there (actually, I would drive down to his house and visit, he did live about twenty minutes from my home), until he left for Phoenix, Arizona. Alas.

It's good to know he is still keen on liberty, and still fighting the good fight, even if it isn't where the fight should be fought--in Canada. Where libertarians are multiplying every day!

Anyways, check out his blog. And watch him wrestle.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Garth Turner... libertarian?

This is pretty surprising.

Stephen Taylor, friend and blogging ass-kicker, sent me an email letting me know that Garth Turner, the man booted from caucus who flirted with joining the Green Party for a while, claims to be, wait for it, a libertarian.

Yeah. Libertarian. Small government, pro-liberty, anti-war-on-drugs, kind of stuff.

Here's what he writes:
So, my libertarian, Progressive Conservative, democracy-loving ass was in the wrong caucus. But no more.
Now I'm open to this suggestion. If Garth Turner wants to be a libertarian, great. That adds another one to the list of MPs who either are, or claim to be, libertarian. Like Maxime Bernier (who worked for the libertarian Montreal Economic Institute), Andre Arthur (who describes himself as a libertarian), and Garth Turner. Who knew we had such representation? (I'd include Stephen Harper, but I think he's given up on Hayek. Which is a shame).

So. Here's hoping Turner means it.