Friday, December 07, 2007

Look! Up in the sky, it's... Ron Paul?

Call it crazy, call it maverick, call it quixotic, call it whatever you'd like. One thing no one can deny is that it's kind of, well, awesome. And occasionally awe-inspiring.

Ron Paul's presidential campaign is all of those things. But the critics of Ron Paul now have one more joke to throw in his direction: The Paul campaign is full of hot air. Well, maybe not the campaign, but the blimp. What? I said blimp.

Ron Paul's grassroots--more energized, more active, more committed than any other candidate in either party--have begun organizing a blimp advertising campaign. The blimp is to get off the ground by the 10th of December, flying over New Hampshire, Iowa, and then to Boston for the planned December 16th "money bomb" in honour of the Boston Tea Party (with stops in-between). On one side of the blimp will be written "Who is Ron Paul?" and "Google Ron Paul," while the other will sport "Ron Paul R3VO7ution" (that's "revolution" with "EVOL" in inverted letters to spell out "LOVE").

The blimp may not fly. Trevor Lyman, the guy who organized the Nov. 5th fundraising event raising a Republican one-day record 4.3 million dollars from 38,000 donors, has sunk his life's savings into Paul's campaign, and the blimp is still stuck without enough money.

Initially, he posted up a pledge site. Over $400,000 was pledged on that site. Now that the site is up as an actual contribution site, those pledges are not being fulfilled. Today is the last day before the blimp gets punctured, and they are still short roughly 30,000 from the initial $200,000 needed to get the blimp off the ground by the 10th of December.

The blimp is already getting some media attention. If it were to fly, it might generate a heap more.

(Do I think it will fly? Oh, I do, I do. I've learned not to doubt the Paulites. Or Paulinistas, Paulbots, Paulunteers, or whatever else you'd like to call them.)

Here's a video:


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