Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Western Standard at it again...

I don't know if you saw it, but there was a site up at the url Hezboliberal.com lampooning the Liberal Party and their sometimes odd stances on Middle East affairs. That site was shut down, after the ISP for the site received a lawyer's letter from the Liberal Party. But the Western Standard is eager for a little bit more controversy.

From Western Standard publisher Ezra Levant comes this:
So, we're going to do at the Western Standard what we've become accustomed to doing: having a little bit more guts than our competitors. We're going to host that Hezboliberal.com website. Not because we agree with it but because the Liberals think they can bully their opponents into submission.

Well, try bullying us. We weren't afraid of defying rioting mobs, and we sure as hell won't be afraid of taking on some Liberal lawyers. (Mr. R├ęgimbald, our address for service of any writs can be found here.)

You can see the revived Hezboliberal.com website here, hosted on our server. Whether you agree with the content or not isn't the point. This is about stopping a bully. And about having some fun with some thin-skinned pols who can dish it out pretty good, but can't take it.


Blogger Mozart is Cool Too said...

I think Ezra needs to do something a little more constructive than merely creating controversy. If there is going to be a controversy, at least make it worth fighting over.

11:42 p.m.  

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