Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Some good news!

And now comes news that Ottawa retailers are being asked about the Western Standard. They'll stock it, of course. As will other, smaller magazine sellers.
Customers want to understand what the controversial cartoons are all about, says Michael Canivet, who manages the store.
Exactly. Just proves my point from below that news sources are not doing their job.

Meanwhile, the blogging community continues to show a wave of support for the Standard. Go on, take a look around the blogosphere. We're mostly all on the Standard's side with respect to this.

So what can you do? Do what this blogger is doing. Go to Chapters or Indigo, ask for the latest Western Standard (or to reserve it, since it won't hit the shelves for a few more days). When they tell you they won't be stocking it, tell them you'll find it elsewhere. Tell them "come to think of it, maybe I'll do all of my book shopping elsewhere."

Right after doing that, subscribe to the Western Standard. Or do that first. You can go to their website, or call them: (403) 216-2270.

(As a sidenote, you can call them to get this issue of the Western Standard, if none of your local retailers are stocking it).


Blogger Ken D said...

I already subscribed to WS and will search for somewhere in Waterloo for this current issue. Hope their sales skyrocket!

1:36 p.m.  
Blogger dr_dog said...

Ken D, please let me know if you find a location that's carrying it. Forwell Variety at King and University sometimes has copies, but it's by no means reliable...

3:51 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If we let the Muslims control what we publish they in effect become our editors. Is this what we want? Do we want those, to put it crudely, "crazies" to start telling us what we can and can't say? If we let them get away with this then who will be the editor next time…the Jews …the fundamental Christians…the Gays…the police (not that there is anything wrong with any of these groups)?

I vote no. Like the line in the Eagles song says...tell them … "get over it". And in time they will begin to see it as “normal”. After all we aren’t really doing anything to them. If they don’t like something then don’t read it. That’s what I do. Let them adjust to the western standard rather than the other way around. It is a slippery slope to let a religious group control us through fear.

In time, if the Muslims are subjected to this sort of thing long enough they will start to accept it as normal. Change takes time and old habits can't be thrown out of the upstairs window. They must be coached down the stairs one step at a time


10:34 p.m.  
Blogger Peter Thurley said...

I checked Forwells for copies last night, and they have none. and I've finally responded to your comments on my consequentialism posts.

11:58 a.m.  
Blogger P. M. Jaworski said...

Peter: That's great. Do check at Forwells again. Getting a subscription wouldn't be a bad idea as well. It would give you great topics to post on your blog and rail against... :)

Your paper is good. I may end up at Waterloo around that time as well, Peter. So I might listen in on your talk. I miss Waterloo sometimes.

2:14 p.m.  

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