Monday, February 13, 2006

Western Standard prints 'toons

That's right, today's Western Standard is publishing the cartoons that are causing riots all over the place. The move is already being threatened with a hate crimes violation law suit by the Canadian Islamic Congress, and the WS is stepping up security a little bit.

Ezra, meanwhile, continues to pound the Canadian media for the trepidatious nature. He has been a strong critic of Canadian media on the grounds that they do not publish some obviously news-worthy articles (my article on Jacques Chaoulli and his Supreme Court case was rare before the Court returned their decision, for instance), for their one-sidedness and occasional bias, and for their unwillingness to publish these cartoons which are, obviously, newsworthy.

Good for the Standard.

This is a freedom of speech issue. Let's see just how committed our country truly is to this particular freedom.

(As if you needed another reason to get a subscription to this fine magazine. Well, here you are then. If this doesn't move you to plunk down the dollars for a quality magazine, then I doubt anything will. You can't truly understand what it means to be a Canadian without reading the Western Standard. I really believe that.)


Blogger PGP said...

I support Ezra 100%...
Did you notice that the WS site was unavailable today?

9:11 p.m.  

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