Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Blogging Tories under investigation?

Is this a joke?

Apparently Elections Canada is being asked to investigate the Blogging Tories, a collection of Tory-supporting bloggers. I'm on the Blogging Tories. The allegation is that the website is actually an initiative of the Conservative Party of Canada, and not of individual Canadians. This would be in violation of third party spending laws, or something similar.

The Liberal Party is running away with this stupid and frivolous news by issuing a press release suggesting that the CPC is hypocritical.

Of course this request is going to go nowhere.

What's interesting, however, is the role that crazy Carol Jamieson is playing in this. She was credited as being a "party organizer" by the Globe and Mail when she wasn't anything resembling a "party organizer." You can get the whole story, and more, by following this link to Stephen Taylor's blog and reading up on the fun escapades of Ms. Jamieson.

Yes, this is the same Stephen Taylor who founded the Blogging Tories. You do the math.

Oh, and I like this quote in the news story from Eugene Parks (the other angry former Tory who is helping Jamieson to file this complaint):
"They're trying to make it look like these are individuals rather than a party effort."
Uhm, I assure everyone that I, for one, am an individual and not a party effort.


Blogger Ken D said...

What is really hypocritical is that all the other parties have their own blogrolls too, including the Liberals. If Blogging Tories are in violation of a rule, then so are the other parties. I hardly think we are in violation to anything though, anything I wrote in my blog was just because I wanted to write it, not because someone in the party told me to.

2:59 p.m.  
Anonymous ollivia said...

"What's interesting, however, is the role that crazy Carol Jamieson is playing in this."
Be careful with this kind of chatter. The word "crazy" is defamation/ libel, and I wouldn't want your blog, or you more importantly, to get into trouble about this. If she is crazy, she just might use it in a court of law...

3:27 p.m.  
Blogger Ottawa Core said...

how bout that fucking hag jamieson? send the litigation to my blog. kill all the lawyers.

3:03 p.m.  

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