Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Western Standard news roundup

The CBC talked to Ezra Levant. You can watch the media clip here, or check out the news piece here. I got the link by looking at Nealenews.com, where it was cited as "CBC grills publisher Ezra Levant." They got things exactly backwards. Watch the clip, and you decide if Ezra got grilled, or if Ezra did the grilling. He rips into the CBC for failing to show the cartoons, and implied that they lack journalistic ethics.

CTV, meanwhile, has plenty of coverage of the cartoon reprinting. You can watch a particularly interesting debate between Ezra Levant and Tarek Fatah on their website.

Global National is not left out of the controversy. They even include a poll on the main page where you can vote on whether you think Freedom of Speech should trump, Religious respect should, or both should compromise somewhat. It's a terrible poll, but go vote anyways. They called the Western Standard the first "mainstream news outlet" to publish the cartoons. Yeah, "mainstream." Ha.

The Globe and Mail has coverage. Even AlJazeera has coverage!

Of course, you can always visit the Google news page, and get a complete rundown of today's news on the Western Standard reprinting cartoons controversy.


Blogger Simon Pole said...

You crazy libertarians.

It looks like Chapters-Indigo has pulled Western Standard from the shelves -- an honour formerly reserved for Mein Kampf.

2:56 a.m.  
Anonymous fiddlefaddle said...

Ezra is amongst one or two other things, very pragmatic. Playboy knows a "certain" girl will get them two or three million more mag sales.
In Ezra's case the numbers might grow from (his advertised) 40K to 42k.
That and the fact the man has two causes and a "free speech" cloud of smoke covers his tracks.
He is not one of your mre erudite members of jounalism.

8:03 a.m.  
Blogger dr_dog said...

fiddlefaddle, perhaps Ezra and the WS have been honking their own horn for reprinting these cartoons, but don't be so quick to ascribe an entirely cyncial motive.
After all, getting pulled from Chapters–Indigo shelves and airport lounges is not a good way to increase circulation.

12:52 a.m.  

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