Friday, September 23, 2005

Ezra update

I'm off to see E. O. Wilson at the University of Michigan later tonight (if we can organize all the rides and so on). I'll post about his talk later.

Courtesy of Matt Bufton, who is putting plans together for a Windsor Liberty Seminar (stay tuned, I'll let you know what happens with that), I now have an image of the Western Standard article mentioned in the post below. You can see the pictures, and see what the article looks like.

Thanks to Matt, and enjoy.


Blogger mostlyfree said...

That's totally from my Western Standard!

Definitely looking forward to Matt's seminar. Maybe you'll be able to make the trek up from Bowling Green for that one!

10:45 p.m.  
Blogger P. M. Jaworski said...

Matt doesn't have a Western Standard subscription? Forshame!

(That's a good idea for a gift...)

11:21 p.m.  

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