Monday, August 22, 2005

Podcast: Gerry Nicholls

Gerry Nicholls is awesome. (And he's pretty funny, too. His emails always manage to make me laugh a little, so he kicks a bit more ass in my book on account of his ability to not take things too seriously).

At any rate, Nicholls fights gag laws. And he talked about it at this year's Liberty Summer Seminar, and Stephen Taylor has posted here.


Blogger TonyGuitar said...

Excellent, you are one of the few to take some notice of this. NDP cut loose of Liberals.

I think it is important because when things get underway in the house again the Libscammers butts will be dangerously exposed.

You have to suspect the stealthy Martinites will call a snap election and so pre-empt not only a non-confidence vote but all the Gomery machinerey as well. [Poll numbers are up]

*Stealthy* is apt for the Libranos, because Martin is muzzeling 6,000 bureaucrats for LIFE in 14 departments under the guise of terrorism security.

What a fraud, and all this while the MSM utters hardly a peep as Canadians recline at the beach on holiday, not likely to read the National Post or Mop and Pail. 73s TonyGuitar []
Gag laws indeed.

1:12 p.m.  

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