Monday, August 29, 2005

DJ Dad MC Mom love Canada

That's the conclusion they've reached after coming to the Liberty Summer Seminar this year.

While they did yell, "we are leaving Canada. We suggest you do the same," on their departure from the property, it appears the entire thing was in jest.

At least, it must have been. Because, well, they said they were fans of Canada in this article for the Iowa State Daily entitled "'Creepy' band rocks Ames with quirkiness: Group loves drinking, music, and Canada."

The article reads:

"Recently in Canada, we were pretty crazy 'cause we were with some Polish immigrants," he says. "We drank a drink called Old Krupnik.

"It's Polish honey-liquor. It goes down like water. Basically, in short, I ended up drinking about an entire bottle by myself."

DeSousa says David's indisposed state that night led to some "equipment mishaps."

"He ended up naked in the tent," DeSousa says.

"We also broke a snare drum stand at that show and we left all of our stuff out in the rain, including stuff that didn't belong to us."

Yeah, that's my family--the Polish immigrants--and David did end up buck in his tent as subsequent trips to ensure he wasn't still ill from the drinking confirmed (Ben Talley was the responsible chap who patrolled the area to ensure everyone who wasn't sober--which was basically everyone--was fine and having a good time. Good on you, Ben!)

Here's where they mention the Seminar (I've made it bold because I'm so glad they did it):

Tim says the main reason the band recently visited Canada was to promote, an activist group that he and brother David are involved in.

"We are the state coordinators and we were asked to play at an event called Liberty Summer Seminar," Tim says.

"And it's one of the many liberty-minded events we're going to be playing at shortly.

"We're kind of the staple band for them.

"It's primarily made up of, at least in America, libertarians -- people who support social and economic freedom. For instance, we are capitalists, we're against the drug war ... just minimal government."

If you want more DJ Dad and MC Mom (and how could you not?) you can download my two favourite songs here and here, or go to their MYSpace website and listen to some more tunes.


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