Monday, August 22, 2005

Liberty Summer Seminar

The Seminar went very well. In the next little while, I will be putting up photos of the event on our website, and going through a number of other things as well to get a nice one-stop shop for all LSS-related news. (Actually, I'm trying to figure out how to make a blog go up on the website, and I can't seem to do it. I'd appreciate help...)

Here's a little roundup to keep you busy.

Jason Talley blogs the breakdown of M.A.R.V. (literally about a kilometre from the site) here, then discusses day one, and day two. (Excellent posts.)

Heather Talley complements that Bureaucrash blog with one of her own, emphasizing her speech given at the Seminar about Bureaucrash. Damn--Bureaucrash truly rocks.

Stephen Taylor offers us a really good overview of the Seminar as well. He is also busy putting up podcasts of the event, which are well worth downloading and listening to. (Nice work, Stephen!)

Janet Neilson has a short overview of her impressions of the event.

Meanwhile, for your viewing pleasure, you can have a look at these pictures. They are both the pictures that Ollivia and I took, as well as Jamie Tronnes' pics. Bureaucrash also has 91 pictures available for your perusal. There's plenty there, so sit back, throw on some DJ Dad and MC Mom tunes, and make it go through a slideshow.

What's that you say? You have no DJ Dad and MC Mom tunes? Well, let me help you out! You can either take a look at their MYSpace website, or download two of their songs by clicking here, and here. These two songs are easily my favourite from the album, especially the first. I've sort of become obsessed with it the last few days... I do one of those constant repeat things.

Hey: Do you have a blog post or some pictures of the LSS that I don't know about? Won't you share that with me, so that I can share it with everyone else? And if you haven't blogged about the Seminar and were there, won't you consider throwing something up so we can get a sense of what you thought of the event?


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Ah, now I feel like I should have written more. Maybe someone from Windsor will read it and contact me about a liberty oriented activist group? Maybe we'll get together and kick some serious ass?

Here's hopin'!

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