Thursday, July 28, 2005


Cust says I need to post more. I say there are plenty of blogs out there, and part of the trouble with blogs is that people feel like they need to post when they haven't got anything interesting to say. I don't, but I should add another blog here which has posted a link to the Liberty Summer Seminar.

The Shotgun is one of the places I regularly visit. I even post there. Usually, when I get a little hot under the collar. Since there are social conservatives on the blog, I get plenty of opportunities to argue. The Shotgun is the blog of the Western Standard--the magazine I worked for last Summer, and the reason I received my journalism award. As an intern--intern!--my editor, Kevin Libin, gave me incredibly free reign to suggest stories, to write about things that interested me, and to chase big stories as though I were a veteran journalist. I bet no other newspaper or magazine gives you that sort of freedom.

And I bet you no other magazine would allow an intern to write a cover story (PDF or Web)about a doctor challenging Canada's health care system before the Supreme Court way back in October. I'm telling you, the Western Standard rocks. Just for the Western Front alone--that alone--is worth the price of a subscription. (Everyone should, really, get a subscription. But if you're going to the Liberty Summer Seminar, just hold off a little and get it there, rather than online. It'll be worth it.)

Back to the Shotgun: Once, a MikeP posted this as a response: "You alone, Jaworski, can make me cancel my subscription to the Western Standard. You are one sanctimonious asshole." Wow. What was that a response to? Well, the post was about--what else--same sex marriage. Some posters took to blathering on by calling gays 'sodomites' and insisting that it's the end of the world, and so on. It was a pretty awful display, to be honest. I wrote something like "what an embarrassing list of responses on the Shotgun. How do you crazy morons manage to make the words appear on the television screen thing?"

Maybe that was sanctimonious. But it really deserved it, considering the posts that preceded it.


Blogger Michael Dabioch said...

The so-con vs. libertarian exchanges are great but I like to think that those two ideologies can actually unite to present a common front against the ideology of big government. Moral issues tend to present a seemingly insurmountable dividing line but they don't have to if everyone took a deep breath.

1. SSM - getting government out of the business of marriage seems like a win-win solution to me.

2. Abortion - a little more difficult to settle but not forcing taxpayers to pay for other peoples' abortions and allowing provinces to run their own health care would be a step in the right direction.

11:33 a.m.  
Blogger Michael Cust said...

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Blogger Michael Cust said...

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