Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Reciprocation part II

Man, the list of people and orgs that rock just keeps growing!

What makes the following group of people rock so much? It's simple--they responded to my request to add either a banner (see the flashy red thing up at the top?) or a button to their blog. You too can rock, you need only follow the links, put up an ad, and let me know by dropping me a comment on this blog. And you thought you'd have to get a haircut...

Additions to the rock-roll:

Aaron Lee-Wudrick will soon join the ranks of lawyers. Lest you think this means more trouble for liberty-lovers, Lee-Wudrick is not that kind of future lawyer. No, this man loves liberty like a fat man loves Smarties. And fat men love Smarties. Don't believe me? Check out his blog to see for yourself. And come to the Seminar to shake his hand. Cause he'll be there. And you should, too.

In addition to writing a regular column with the Western Standard, Karen Selick has been a regular attendee and frequent speaker at the Liberty Summer Seminar. Karen also happens to be a lawyer, but of the liberty-defending sort. The sort of lawyer that, well, rocks. You can come and shake her hand at the LSS as well, if you'd like.

The University of Waterloo Campus Conservatives are run by a bunch of liberty-loving kids. This year, that task falls to Brendan McLaughlin, who runs a tight ship, and is a fan of the freedom. With quality peeps like Peter Mensinga, Aaron Lee-Wudrick, Mike Kerrigan, and a dozen other fine talents, in this and prior years, the UWCCA is bound to leave a mark.

Michael Dabioch posts on the Shotgun, and causes trouble on his own 'Living in Unmentionable Times' blog. Michael is a fan of capitalism, freedom, and all things liberty. A recent addition to his blog is a comment section--so let him know what you think of his musings.

Ahh, Bureaucrash, how I love (everything about) you. From your crazy hippie attitude to your wicked t-shirt designs that make being a libertarian almost as hip--in the eyes of first-year college kids--as donning a Che shirt and professing an interest in the 'complex and nuanced' Chomskyan analysis of American involvement in wars. That's a big accomplishment!

Old hats at the rocking (so last week):

Janet Neilson
Michael Cust
Tory Blue
Liam O'Brien


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are all these people coming to the seminar?

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