Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ron Paul on Tonight show

And you wonder why I think he is amazing:

Money quote (1:34 to go in the video). (Answering Leno's question about why he's running, and if he thinks his chances are good, Paul ends his answer like this)

"The message is powerful. I have my shortcomings, but the message has no shortcomings. The message of liberty is what America is all about.

"And the more people hear about this, and the more they understand the financial trouble we're in, the trouble the dollar is in, and the failure of our foreign policy; all of a sudden this has gotten so popular. Way beyond what I had ever conceived.

So I would say yes, there is a risk that I could win."

And right there. There, I thought to myself. It is so rare to feel pride in supporting a good, decent politician with the right message. Yeah, you read that right: pride. In a politician.

What's the risk, by the way? As of yesterday, some think it's not so bad. Yesterday, British betting houses changed their odds of a Ron Paul victory from 66 to 1, to 12 to 1. For anyone who knows anything about polling and betting, and how close to the actual election day numbers each get, you'll know that this is significant movement.


Blogger Matteson said...

I'm excited. The word is spreading.

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