Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ron Paul on Jay Leno

Tonight. Watch it, enjoy it.

My surgery on Friday went well, thank you. I have a giant cast on my right hand, making typing nearly impossible (inefficient for sure). I shattered my pinky playing dodge ball. Four pins, some morphine, and fistfulls of Vicodin later, I'm recovering and still trying to figure out how to get back to a regular sleeping routine.

Back to Paul: The Leno show is going to get at least 100 bunches of flowers from RP supporters. Someone decided to give some author (Naomi Wolfe?) flowers for mentioning RP positively, and it sort of caught on.

November 5th is going to be a huge fundraising day for Paul. Visit his site, make some popcorn, and see if his servers manage the flood.

If you're curious about his contributions, why not visit a site that breaks down his fundraising in minute detail? I do. Daily.

And if you want to see video of RP, why not visit his YouTube site. Be like thousands and thousands of others. Check out, in particular, his two new TV commercials. I like the second one, and despise the first.

Paul has the most support amongst blacks of any Republican Presidential candidate. And amongst Polish-Canadians studying Philosophy in Ohio.

Man. This whole Ron Paul thing is awesome. Get on the freedom train, kids! It's global, it's hot, and it's all about liberty.

(Psst: This Wednesday, from 6 - 8 p.m. ET, we interview Marc Emery for the radio show I co-host. Listen live at WBGUFM.com.)


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You got the podcasts happening yet? I tried listening online, but the connection kept cutting out on me.

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