Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Yes, yes, that's what I'll do--I will post some audio links on my blog here that are worth listening to. To listen to them, you can click on the MP3 link, or right-click and download it. Then you can listen to it either on your computer, or transfer it to your favourite MP3 player and listen in later.

For now, you should probably ignore the links until I announce each one. It's likely that I've used them as placeholders, and have it linked to some crazy blog like, say, David Agren's, or Jason Song's.

In time, I will post plenty of my conversations while a reporter at the Western Standard, and some speeches from the annual LSS (which will happen on the August 13, 14 weekend this year. It'll be our fifth year, and it's going to be incredible).

I will also scurry about to find a few interesting podcasts (if I feel like it) and will send you to those pages. Ethan, a fellow graduate student at the University of Waterloo from last year, promises to podcast some interesting talks and other worthy things for graduate students in the humanities, and his first few podcasts are worth checking out. I particularly like Jan Narveson's talk, as well as Colin Farrelly's, although I think the latter is wrong, wrong, wrong. But for reasons I won't get into.

Fun, huh?


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