Sunday, May 22, 2005

Chaoulli update

I asked Dr. Chaoulli what he would like people to get out of the NY Times article, and he writes the following:
The story is very good.

What I would like people reading it to get out of it :

1. It has been unfortunate that Canadian law schools have been
teaching for so long, wrongly in my view, that the Canadian
Charter of Rights and Freedoms
doesn't protect the freedom to
contract, because a society without such a freedom is a Marxist

2. It has been unfortunate that Canadian lawyers didn't challenge
that teaching mentioned above, since they were scared to touch
the taboo being the strong influence of the Marxist-driven labour
unions in Canadian social policies, wrongly put into equation with
the so-called "Canadian national identity."

3. We need in Canada a parallel university system with private law
schools whose teaching would not be driven by socialists
professors of law.


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