Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Galloway Update

BBC coverage here (watch the video) and here (full testimony video under picture).
CNN coverage here.
Fox News coverage here (watch the video).

CNN made it headline news. As of just a few minutes ago, Pierre Bourque (of bourque.com) posted the story after I tipped him off about it ("Peter, thanks, will check it out! - p.") . Brian Neale (of Nealenews.com) responded to my email, but didn't post the story. Here's why:
"Hi Peter / Galloway is a left-wing nut bag and a bald-faced liar. I watched him on CNN and he's best ignored. / Brian".

Well, a left-wing nut bag Galloway definitely is. His party's website makes that plain. But it's still news, isn't it?


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