Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Morley Competition

Yesterday I found out that I won the Felix Morley Journalism competition. My former boss, Ezra Levant, was nice enough to mention it on the Shotgun. That competition has seen plenty of Canadians--my friend, Adam Daifallah, won the award in 2002-03, while another friend, David Agren, placed second last year.

The contest was judged on the basis of a set of articles. Here is my submission in the order that I like the articles, along with a link to each article:

1. Freedom Fighter (cover): (Web)
2. British Baked Beans illegal in Canada: (PDF). This article was later picked up by the Reader's Digest--you can see the article here as a jpeg--and I've posted my conversation with the bureaucrat (well worth a listen) here.
3. Desperate beef producers look to drugs for relief: (PDF)
4. Big broadcasters get behind CHOI censorship: (PDF) (Web). Jeff Fillion recently quit, and I posted about it a few days ago. Just scroll down to read that post, or click here. I posted my conversation with Fillion there, and include my interview with him as well.
5. Canadian elections and the Americans who love them: (PDF)


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This is great news! Congratulations!

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