Wednesday, February 09, 2005

turn(ing) it out

I went to a concert with Song and Obrecht last night.

We saw Death from Above 1979 and a band called Fever at Fear of Music in New Cross. It turns out that Death from Above 1979 both rocks, and is Canadian (or do I repeat myself? Go nationalism!) After hurting my neck from all the moshing--and getting an elbow or two in the chest from this dude who had no moshing etiquette... no! No back and forth headbanging. Clear a space and bang up and down, not back and forth. You'll knock someone's teeth out (jackass)--the band informed us that they were up for two Junos. One for best new band.

And for pretty good reason. There's only two of them--a drummer and a bass guitarist. The drummer sings, and the guitarist also does something with some machine that looks like a keyboard but isn't. The minimalism works.


Blogger Det. John Kimble said...

It's called a moog synthesizer. They're the bomb shizzle...

9:49 a.m.  

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