Sunday, February 06, 2005

Missed opportunity

So I'm reading the Adam Smith Institute's blog (maintained by my friend Alex Singleton), when what do I see but a photo of Elaine Sternberg and Antony Flew at the Ayn Rand seminar. The same seminar that I attended (on the eve of Rand's centenary, which was on 2 February). Antony Flew was there. Antony Flew! Obviously, I had no idea, since they don't often publish vanity shots of philosophers on their papers or books.

Alas. I could have asked Flew myself about the recent controversy in atheist circles--some say Flew has reconsidered his firm atheist stance to a general belief in God (well, sort of), but definitely not the God of Christianity or Islam. That one, he still maintains, doesn't exist. It made theists happy.


Blogger Alex said...

Don't worry Peter, Antony Flew comes to lots of the ASI's events, so I'm sure there'll be a future occasion...

6:19 a.m.  

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