Thursday, October 21, 2004

Environmentalists litter streets of London

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The European Social(ist) Forum was held this past weekend. I hear it received the approval, and funding, from the City of London. The Mayor, I'm told, is a big fan of socialist nonsense (what? Your mayor is a socialist too? Who knew?)

The shake-your-head moment for this event came at the tail end of the march. There, right after all the environmentalists had strutted along demanding less waste and respect for "mother earth," was a veritable army of street cleaners and garbage trucks. To clean up, of course, after the environmentalists. What with their leaflets, signs, and other *garbage*, the sensible thing to do is to prepare adequately with street cleaning crews out in full force. I actually asked one of these fellows to estimate how much garbage the protest would end up generating. His guess? About one tonne. One tonne!



Blogger Mister Fedward Hyde said...

Great post. Those "pacifists" and "enviromentalists" also destroyed the city of genova during the G8.

9:58 a.m.  

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