Saturday, August 11, 2007

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Ha ha ha. Check this out (Huckabee is blathering):
Huckabee is up next--lots of shots of him playing the guitar (or bass), playing in his band, dancing, etc.

"Give America back to the people on mainstreet." (Paul people are still chanting in the halls!)

No one has had a group like Paul's in terms of numbers and enthusiasm.
Overheard on National Review's The Corner:
The inner idealistic late1980s/90s conservative in me can't help but be rallied: Ron Paul wants to know what happened to all those plans to abolish the Department of ed and a whole of Cabinet agencies. And the IRS! Me too!! Go Ron Paul!!
Hell yeah! Are American conservatives beginning to warm to the only real small government candidate?...

More from The Corner:
The Ron Paul "Peace Train" nearly drowned me out!!! They emerged this afternoon from the corn fields, pumped up and ready to wage "peace" in Iraq and throughout the world. Overheard in the woman's bathroom backstage: "One of Paul's top Iowa staffers was out early this morning putting the final touches on 5-acre wide crop circle— formed in the shape of a peace sign with "Dr. Ron for Prez!" in red, white, and blue spraypaint underneath!" (At the time of this posting, I cannot confirm or dispute this.) I can barely hear myself think in here with Paul's throngs screaming in the background...the net-rootsers are going nuts, folks! I love it.
What? A crop circle? Really? I want to see this! Earlier, the RP supporters were converting the "Peace Train" tag into "Freedom train."

The chant now is: (one guy saying): Freedom... (Crowd:) Ron Paul. (Guy) Constitution (Crowd) Ron Paul (Guy) Freedom (Crowd) Ron Paul (Guy) Liberty (Crowd) Ron Paul." And repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

UPDATE: Quote from RSE:
Ron Paul's finished--"the peace train is leaving the building" according to Laura Ingraham. They think it's funny, and they don't take him--or his supporters seriously.

Believable, but disappointing.

(They're still chanting through the halls--"Ron Paul..Ron Paul")

It *is* disappointing. The moderator shouldn't be busy saying things like this. But whatever. That's how it goes.

NY Sun:
Ron Paul comes in after a very boisterous march-in by his supporters, chanting, "Paul for real change." K. Lo. has this right: Ron Paul has the LOUDEST supporters.


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