Saturday, August 11, 2007

RP Speech

RedStateEclectic live blog on RP here.

Justin live TV feed still running. Check out some behind-the-scenes stuff.

The speech:

Intro: He's given birth to over 4,000 babies.

Crowd goes bananas! The screaming is unbelievable. He has PACKED the Ames straw poll coliseum.

"Ron Paul, Ron Paul..."


RP: Thank you for that very healthy, encouraging welcome.

Our campaign is all about freedom, prosperity, and peace!

(Thunderous crowd response)

...we cannot have freedom without life. We have to protect all life if we want freedom... that includes the unborn as well... (cheering. I say "Boo" out loud).

More on abortion.

I am an advocate, a strong advocate of following, very strictly, the rule of law and the Constitution."

Huge cheers

The constitutions was written very precisely: to constrain the power of government, and to protect the liberty of each and every one of us."

Oh NO! The live feed is interrupted.

Okay, back on.

"A lot more respect for the second amendment" (that's guns)

"We need more self-responsibility and self-reliance."

Bringing up 9/11. I can't type fast enough.

"If we look at every problem we have today, the answers can be found in the Constitution and the rule of law." Something about strictly following the Constitution.

"...The most important choices we have are about the education of our children..." Something supportive of school choice. Cheers, plenty of them. I now can't hear Ron Paul above the clamour.

"We are overtaxed, and overregulated, by bureaucrats, the Founders would be ashamed..." God, people, SETTLE DOWN! I can't hear RP. Deafening roars.

"...the neo-conservatives who ... and they do not respect our national borders as they should." Stuff about amnesty and about opposing illegal immigration... I say "boo," but the crowd says "yay!"

Again, cut off. (Too much traffic? Bandwidth problems?) Okay, back on:

"We can finance the welfare and warfare state by overtaxing, and by printing money which is destroying our monetary system."

Stuff about the Federal Reserve.

I overhear someone yelling to Ron: "You're doing great, Ron! Keep it up! You're doing great!"

Ron Paul's got passion today, boy I'll tell you. He is giving a barn-burner of a speech.

"...the country is going bankrupt... We can't run the war, we can't run the war, without borrowing 2.something trillion dollars. And we get that money from the Chinese."

"We have to ask ourselves, do we believe in the Constitution?..."

" will not be easy. Because change is hard, and change is difficult. But let me tell you what will not be difficult... just get the government to do what it is supposed to do, and what it is not supposed to do is be the police man of the world. We are now spending almost a trillion dollars a year on foreign --stuff-- we have our bridges falling down. It astounds me that we are spending money to build and fix bridges in Iraq, when we should be fixing bridges here."

"Restoration to the ideals of the Founding Fathers... We have been the freest country in the world..."

"We have to systematically decentralize the government and increase freedom..."

"We do not need more money in Washington, we need a lot less money in Washington. We need a lot less taxes, and a lot more freedom."

"Since 9/11 we have come to believe that we cannot be safe without the government..." Something else here. Don't know what. Couldn't hear above the screams.

"So the goal of this campaign is very simple, and very very clear."

"I do NOT want to run your lives, or interfere with your religious beliefs. I do not want to run your economy, I do not want to run foreign wars. I do not know how, and I'm not interested.

Join this great campaign for freedom and liberty."


Ron Paul is off the stage. The chants of "Ron Paul" continue. "Who do we want?" "Ron Paul!"

The camera is on the supporters, shuffling away from the "mosh pit" area. There are hundreds of them...

The song is "right here, right now" (you know the one).


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