Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Help Lindy Win a Contest

ILS' good friend Lindy Vopnfjord has entered a contest. He's entered his band, MajorMaker, co-fronted by Todor Kobakov, into Yahoo's "Up Yours" music contest. The reward is a stack of money, a contract with Universal Canada, studio time, and other goodies. You can help them win and get more attention (which they richly deserve).

How? Watch their video, rate them, and leave a comment. Then send the link to your friends, and encourage them to vote too. Here's the vid (follow this link if this doesn't work for you):

Lindy played the 2004 and 2006 Liberty Summer Seminar (and has agreed to come and play at this year's Liberty Summer Seminar on the August 18, 19 weekend--check out our facebook group and let us know you're coming!).

Do help. His stuff is awesome.


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