Monday, May 21, 2007

Liberty Seminar pics on Flickr!

Liberty Summer Seminar Sets:

2006 Liberty Summer Seminar

2005 LSS

2004 LSS

2003 LSS

2002 LSS

2001 LSS

Windsor Liberty Seminar Sets:

2007 Windsor Liberty Seminar

2006 WLS



Blogger zolton said...

wow thats the lamest thing I have ever seen, Especially the picture of the roid rager in the 2001 pictures. LoL
Camp capitalism are you kidding me?
What a joke, like honestly how much of a throwback do you have to be to legitimize and ancient system that could not adapt to new realities?
What is the goal of current society? To kill ourselves and conscientious human life.
Here's a tip, competition is the philosophical base of capitalism,competition to the Nth degree turns into ruthlessness.
If you abuse the enviroment and individuals (for it is profitable to do so) Then you at the top of the business world.
To be a proper libertarian you would have to be aware of being aware and your not.
Filters like geography and media hide the reality behind our actions, no doubt if the people were informed about how much blood was behind their chemical happiness things would change. But for capitalism to work you have to pull the wool over the eyes of the average consumer.
Bought the newest and coolest material items and still not happy?

10:38 a.m.  

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